Writing an Ad that gets your Credit Union noticed!

Writing a creative ad for any medium is something that the masses take for granted. Everyone thinks they have a great idea for a commercial. And I bet everyone tries to tell you how your Credit Union’s ads could be better, right? The fact is that developing truly great advertising takes time, patience and practice.

Every marketer everywhere has had more than a few creative concepts blow up in their face from time-to-time, but there are a few things we can do to help you prevent a potential disaster.

Take notes, no matter where you are

Nothing is more frustrating than an amazing idea that never was because you didn’t commit it to paper. Carry some scrap paper with you, or maybe make a voice memo on your cell phone. The key to creativity isn’t so much pulling an idea out of thin air as it is about using your environment to inspire you. A great idea can come to you while you’re driving, in the shower, having coffee, or maybe as you’re lying in bed about to drift off to a good night’s sleep.

Give yourself some time

Nothing stifles creativity like a lack of time. Sitting down to write your radio spot shouldn’t be done in an afternoon. In reality, it should be done over a period of time. Do your research. Listen to the radio, watch TV and skim through magazines and really focus on what’s the messages are and what they say both literally and empirically. How are your competitors approaching the market? Identify your competitive advantages and make sure you find a way to make them stand out!

Make a powerful statement

You can't say everything there is to say about a product or service in 30 seconds or on an interactive banner. What is the most important, most powerful statement you can make about your product? No matter if you are creating a simple outdoor poster or a 60 second radio spot, your message must be single-minded for people to understand, grasp and associate it with your brand.

And finally…

Don’t forget that advertising is a dialogue

Even though your ad may be the only one speaking out loud, the listeners are still responding to you in their minds. That’s why it’s important for you to remember that advertising is a dialogue, not just a soapbox. Try to make your advertising a little more conversational. Some of the best and most effective ads ever created are the ones that make you stop and think about the product or the feeling and experience you have interacting with a brand.

There you have it! With these simple tips, you should be a little closer to write your Credit Union’s next award-winning ad!