Tips for adding a Podcast to your credit union’s website

Adding a podcast to your marketing efforts can be both a great tool to attract members but can also be a daunting task to begin. Here's a few great tips to make the most of it!

Pick great topics.

Find out what your members really want to know. Usually, a podcast will explain something complex, like ‘Tips to get out of credit card debt’ or even ‘Things you should know before getting pre-approved for a mortgage’. The fact is that everyone needs financial advice from time to time and if they come to expect your website to provide answers to their questions, you’ll have a much more dedicated member.

Be Consistent.

You don't have to post a new podcast every day, but keep it coming on a consistent schedule so people know to expect it. Also, make sure you’re consistently posting links to it on your social media outlets.

Keep a Catalogue.

Don't just toss out perfectly good podcasts! Keep that golden content on your website, but just make sure you revise your content frequently and eliminate items that aren't timely,

Make it Short and Sweet.

You have a very limited window of time to capture your audience. If they opted to download one of your podcasts, odds are you have info that can help them. So get to the point quickly and make sure you’re giving them relevant information and not just filling in air time.

Bring in experts.

Sometimes the answers aren’t held within your four walls. Show your members that you have the resources to answer their questions by bringing in other industry experts who can provide different insight and perspective.