What Does Your Brand Sound Like?

If you Google search, “the value of a logo” you will receive 767,000,000 results. Literally, millions of articles are written about the worth of a logo. However, most of these articles are based on the traditional definition of logo – a symbol or small design adopted by an organization to aid and promote public recognition. While logos are traditionally visual, modern day brands are not so simple.

Ideally, your branding efforts would involve all five of our senses – sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Since achieving the involvement of the last three senses is extremely difficult and/or prohibitively expensive, it is really important to involve the remaining two senses – sight and sound.

Simply put, sound heightens the brain’s ability to recall information, and it forms positive associations within your brain that can impact thoughts and behaviors – just ask Pavlov’s dogs. In addition to a visual logo, really effective branding would employ brand music and an audio logo.

A recent study demonstrated that ads with music that ‘fits’ the brand are 96% more likely to be remembered than ads with ‘non-fit’ music.

The same study showed that when viewing ads with music that ‘fit’ people were twice as likely to purchase the advertised product.

Clearly, the right music choice can be crucial.

Audio logos play a different role. Instead of reinforcing an advertising message like music does, sonic logos are meant to enhance brand recognition. Audio logos worm into our brains and stick, often without us even realizing it. Do any of these “ring a bell?”

  • NBC
  • State Farm
  • Intel
  • McDonalds

These brands all have a sonic identity. By strategically making use of visual and sonic logos, your brand becomes more memorable and consumer reactions to it are more positive.

You can think just in terms of radio and television. But why not brand music in your on-hold messaging? Or an audio logo as the door chime when people enter one of your branches?

Every member interaction can be an opportunity to tell your story and build your brand.

What does your brand sound like?