Find Your Voice

We here at Credit Union Radio love showing off our historic downtown Orlando digs to clients, friends, and anyone who happens to stumble in. One of the most fun parts of a tour is when an unsuspecting visitor is put into a recording booth and gets to hear a high quality recording of their voice.

As soon as they hear it, the first question is always: "Is that REALLY what my voice sounds like?!"

Most of us have experienced this phenomenon. Maybe you've heard yourself on an old home movie or on your customized voicemail greeting and thought to yourself, "Why does my voice sound so much different than how I hear it when I'm speaking?"

Why do many of us dislike the sound of our own voice?

Let's think about this in a different way... If your credit union was a human and had a personality, what would it be? Your credit union needs to have a voice to get your brand message out there, so don't be scared of yours! Having a "personality" for your brand helps you tell your story. Find your voice, be comfortable with it, and understand that many of your competitors haven't figured this out yet!

True, not everyone is uncomfortable with the way they sound. As a full-service audio production company, we've come across some professional voice actors that we're almost certain would listen to their own, sweet voices all day and night! But, for many first-timers, discovering what your voice sounds like can be somewhat surprising.

"We never actually hear our voice like other people hear it, hence our surprise when hearing a recording," says Pascal Belin, a professor of psychology at University of Glasgow whose research focuses on vocal perception. "We find it hard to believe it is actually our voice."

So, the root of our rejection of our recorded voice is not the actual voice itself, just the difference between what we hear and what we are accustomed to perceiving. At the end of the day, we all have a voice, so your credit union should have one too. And if you're still a bit skeptical, just know that no one is as annoyed by the sound of your voice as you are!"