Hearing is Believing

When it comes to advertising, people tend to think of radio (audio) and television (video) as two distinct media demanding a different strategy and a different approach to delivering a brand message. But, if your approach is one that seeks consistency in your messaging (and we sincerely hope that it is), radio and television are just different methods for delivering the same message.

Television is pretty remarkable. Moving pictures and sound - together - can deliver a huge amount of information in a short period of time. The video provides the imagery - you don't have to imagine what that new car looks like, you can see it - but it can also provide non-verbal information like cues from the actors' movements, facial expressions and body language. The audio adds music and sound effects to the mix, but also many of the subtleties involved in the spoken word - intonation, pitch, sarcasm, hesitation, emotion, regional accent, etc.

But let's not forget that it's the combination of video with audio that makes television so powerful. Video without audio isn't television. Don't think so? Here's a challenge for you. Next time you sit down and turn on the TV... leave the sound off.

Audio, as it turns out, is a crucial ingredient in the recipe.

This is especially true for Millennials, who are notorious for their short attention spans and their obsession with multi-tasking. Studies have shown that nearly half of them use a mobile device while watching television. But audio cues can still recapture their attention. Joline McGoldrick, research director at Millward Brown Digital, says, "The audio component of TV is very important. That has the potential to draw a person's attention away from the second screen (the mobile device or laptop) and back to the first screen (the TV)."

Television is a powerful way to deliver a marketing message, but the key component is really the sound. While you're likely to think of television as a visual medium, it's a crucial tool to help you build and reinforce your audio brand.