Identifying when it’s time to overhaul your credit union audio brand can be tricky.  It’s not something you’ll want to do very often—but when your audio becomes disjointed or no longer reflects the core personality of the brand image you’re trying to portray it may be time to consider a refresh.

Here are four ways to tell if it’s time to re-brand your audio:

1. Grab attention
Radio ads should start off strong to get the attention of the listener. Radio is a background medium, which means most people play it while their attention is directed elsewhere: driving, working, cleaning, etc. The thing is, it’s easy to grab attention the wrong way. Throw in some airhorns and you’re sure to break their concentration. To get attention the right way, you should start off either with a creative scene or get straight to the point, because their fingers are only inches away from the dial. 

Throughout 2012, we gave you lots of useful information to help you understand how you can maximize the effectiveness of your electronic advertising. We also reminded you that your ability to use audio is not limited to radio or television ads. It can include on-hold messaging, podcasts on your website, creative audio on your ATM’s or in your lobby, and even in the door chimes as a member enters one of your branches. Every member interaction is an opportunity to tell your story and build your brand.

Decades of research have shown time and time again that jingles can be the most efficient way to create long-term brand awareness. But there are so many factors that go into the development of a jingle, and you’re not a music major, so how do you know you’re getting it right?

Here are a couple of tips from your friends at Some of these are based on long-term research studies and other we have found to be true over the years.

Branding is a way to familiarize the public with a name, character, slogan, etc. that will serve as the defining feature of your product or organization. More importantly, it's the feeling behind that image which draws the clients in. The Wal-Mart Smiley, Chevy Bowtie, the Nike Swoosh or countless other images bombard us daily with the hopes that we will not only remember them, but that we will remember them positively. We've all heard the saying "perception is reality," and that applies tenfold when you're trying to brand your Credit Union positively.