We are a creative production company that's all about helping credit unions make the most of their audio brand!




A great radio commercial – with solid creative concepts and quality audio production - can really cut through the clutter and stand out on the air. We have years of experience writing commercials that are memorable, and crafting campaigns that are effective. You have a story to tell. We help you tell it. 



Jingles are the ultimate branding tool. Catchy music builds brand awareness, and creates a powerful connection with consumers. Sound heightens your ability to recall information, and forms positive associations in your brain that can impact thoughts and behaviors – just ask Pavlov’s dogs. Effective audio branding would employ brand music and an audio logo. That’s what we do. 

audio logos


An audio logo is a short sound or sequence of sounds that enhances brand recognition. It’s the audio equivalent of your visual logo. A great example is the NBC tri-tone – the first logo ever accepted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Intel has an audio logo. So does McDonald’s. And State Farm. This is another element we can use to create a unique sonic brand for your credit union. 



Keep your messaging consistent across all media. Use the same voice(s), music, and production style in your TV spots, YouTube channel, website video, etc. We don’t just do radio commercials. We do sound design that helps you reinforce your brand. If you don’t have a video producer, we can match you up with one of our production partners. 



At least 70% of all business callers will be placed on hold at some point. What happens then? About 85% of callers prefer on-hold messaging. So why not speak directly to a captive audience? Callers could hear your jingle, or details on your latest promotion or public service project. Incorporating some of the elements of sound you’ve used on radio or television – familiar music and voices – can help reinforce your brand during every member interaction. Even while members are on hold.  



Se habla Español! We offer Spanish translation and voice-over options in appropriate dialects. If your market includes a significant Spanish-speaking population, we can translate your scripts, and have one of our voice actors read with hints of Columbian, Argentinean, Cuban, etc.